Are We on the Cusp of World War III?

The hacktivist group Anonymous seems to think so.

They released a message this week detailing some of the events that are unfolding in North Korea, China, Japan, Australia, and even the Philippines. Things that aren’t making it into our mainstream news cycle.

For example, sales of survival items — extra food, water rations, back-up medical supplies — are soaring in Japan. The reason is that the Japanese government has put out a general warning to its people that in the event of a nuclear strike from North Korea, only ten minutes of warning would be available.

They’ve asked their citizens to always have a nearby fortified building in mind where they can seek shelter if the nuclear threat warning alarms go off.

Think about that.

In Japan, if you make a trip to the grocery store, you’re advised to know where you’ll go if a nuclear strike happens. If you take your daughter to dance class, again, you should know where go for shelter if the need arises.

What a pall to live under. But the Japanese government finds the North Korean threat credible enough to put its people under such a burden.

Australia is actively discussing how it will react if and when war breaks out. China is doing everything it can to keep North Korea in line while preserving North Korea’s status as a nuclear power. Trump is talking with the president of the Philippines. And the U.S. is test firing ballistic missiles off the coast of California.

While the news media continues its “Russian hacked the election” tailspin, it’s leaving us grossly uninformed about what’s developing in the Far East… what could be the initial warnings that a global war may be coming.

Listen in to Anonymous predictions here.