Liberals Running Amok in Chicago

Well, that’s hardly news. But the latest way liberals are running amok is news.

This is one of the crazier liberal plots I’ve heard hatched in a while, so it’s no surprise that it comes from Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel is proposing that the city of Chicago withhold high school diplomas from high school graduates who do not have a clear plan for continuing their education. His stated goal is to make schooling through the 14th year — that’s two years past high school — the norm for everyone. (I bet the educational complex loves him for this!)

There’s just a few problems with this plan.

To get your diploma in Chicago — if Dead Fish Emanuel gets his way — you’ll have to show an acceptance letter to a four-year University, a community college, an internship, or a trade school. Enlisting in the military will also get your hands on the diploma that you earned.

Things that won’t get you your diploma — despite successfully completing four years of high school education — include traveling the world, spending time as a volunteer, or getting a job.

So, despite working to earn your diploma, completing your classes, and making the grades, you might not get your diploma unless you pick a Rahm-Emanuel-approved path in life.

So let’s imagine you’re a fairly responsible senior in high school and your family is having a tough time paying the bills. Your plan was to spend the first couple of years out of high school working to help make ends meet. No diploma for you! What’s worse is, without that diploma, you have fewer opportunities for jobs and the pay you’ll qualify for is much lower.

Or let’s say you’re a four-point student whose aunt wants to take you to Europe to live for a year after high school. You want to jump at the chance, but to do so means you sacrifice your diploma.

Here’s the unintended consequence of this law if it passes. Students who don’t plan to pursue education past college will drop out at a higher rate than ever before.

Oh, and my favorite part. Rahm is willing to make an exception for illegal immigrants. They can continue to collect their diplomas in the usual way. You can’t make this stuff up.

The winners of this law are colleges — there’s a lot of money in education. The losers are Chicago’s young people. You can read more about this insanity right here.