IRS Going After Conservatives Was a Bigger Deal Than Obama Let On

Remember, under the Obama administration, how the IRS became weaponized. It started harassing conservative groups applying for non-profit status. Asking them for all manner of ridiculous things including reading lists and lists of donors.

It also started targeting well-known conservative supporters — especially the ones who were outspoken against Obama’s policies — with audits. For example, after donating $1 million to a Romney super PAC, Frank VanderSloot was audited by the IRS, not once, but twice. He was also audited by the Department of Labor and subjected to a Senate investigation.

Well it turns out that the Obama administration withheld 695 pages worth of documents from Congress during the investigation of the IRS’s inappropriate activities.

These documents reveal that the IRS was actively targeting conservative groups and that it knew it was an inappropriate use of its power. The documents also show that the IRS practiced a form of bribery, offering conservative groups tax exempt status if they promised to limit how much activity they undertook to oppose Obama’s agenda.

Can you just imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? There’d be no end to the political persecution of the “enemies of the left.” We sure dodged a bullet.

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