Downed Tree = Downed Power

It doesn’t take much to trigger a lengthy and widespread power outage.  This week, it’s wind storms in Southern California.

A few downed trees left thousands of California residents without power. The utility companies weren’t able to say how long it would take to bring power back online, only that they were working around the clock toward that goal.

In the middle of a situation like this, the people without power are faced with making decisions without a lot of information to go on. Imagine yourself in those circumstances. At what point would you consider leaving to go stay with relatives in an area that still had power?

If you decided to stay home and the outage when on longer than expected, would you be able to stay warm? Do you have a way of preparing food? If you have medicines that need to stay cold, what’s your plan for that?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to power outages. Even the ones that last for only a few hours.

Take a look at how much chaos a few downed trees can cause, and then give some thought to your own plans for dealing with power outages whether they last for a few hours… a few days… or even longer.