What Does Sweden Know?

Sweden prides itself on being a peaceful country. The Swedes have dubbed themselves a “humanitarian superpower.”

So, I find it worth noting when this nation of peace reintroduces military conscription and starts sprucing up its nuclear fallout shelters. Taken together, these two actions signal that Sweden is worried about something big happening.

It makes you wonder, “What do the Swedes know?”

What we know is that Russia has been conducting military drills in the region.

This has Nordic nations feeling a bit jumpy. These drills could signal that Russia intends to become aggressive, possibly reasserting itself into Finland. Maybe even beyond.

Between Sweden getting ready for anything from a military to a biological to a nuclear to a cyber attack and Japan preparing to deal with a missile attack from North Korea, there is a lot of global tension right now.

Even though these attacks are feared half way around the world and not here, if they do happen, you can bet on plenty of disruptions to our way of life.

If you eased off your preparedness efforts when Trump took office, now is the time to step them back up.

Take a closer look at what is happening in Sweden.