Doomsday Bunkers for the Super Rich

Since Trump became president, spending on building survival shelters has gone up by 300 percent.

Plenty of people are worried that Trump, with his appearance of an uneven temperament, could spark a war or some other crisis. And they’re planning accordingly.

The super-wealthy, in particular, are building doomsday bunkers so they can survive in style should the end of the world as we know it come about any time soon.

And by “survive in style,” I mean serious style.

Underground pools. Beautifully appointed living spaces. Home theaters to keep you and 20 of your fellow survivors entertained. Pretty much every bell and whistle you can think of.

Now, I’m not suggesting you blow your budget on one of these crazy-expensive set ups. But it is fun to look and see what other people are doing to prepare, especially when money is no object.

And I do believe in doing more than surviving. It’s all about thriving, no matter what the world throws at you.

So who knows? You might pick up an idea or two for your own preparedness efforts when you scroll through these images of over-the-top billionaire bunkers. Enjoy!