What if Trump Had Been a Woman?

The outrage over Hillary Clinton’s loss is still going strong. And amid the cries of the outraged, you can still hear lines about what a sexist nation we are.

So here’s an interesting experiment…

What if Donald Trump had been a woman and Hillary Clinton had been a man? It’s a question that a couple of college professors decided to answer as definitively as possible.

They staged a debate between a female Donald and a male Hillary, using lines and body language from the actual debates.

What they expected to find was that people rejected Trump’s words and manners coming from a woman. And that they more readily embraced Hillary’s experience coming from a man.

What actually happened was something completely different. You’ve got read this one to believe it.

What I will say is that after you read that, the liberals cries of sexism will ring more hollow than they already do. Enjoy!