Urgent Travel Alert

If you have any upcoming air travel plans, you’ll want to read this.

This last week, the TSA updated its physical screening process to include a more intensive pat-down procedure.

There are a few situations where you’ll be faced with a physical pat-down.

If you decline to go through the machine scan, you’ll be patted down instead. If the machine scan reveals something in your pockets or something unexpected, you’ll be subject to a pat down. If you’re randomly selected for a chemical hand check and you don’t pass that test, you may receive a pat down.

That’s the same as it always was. What’s changing is the pat down itself. The TSA states that it is now more intensive. So much so that they notified local law enforcement because they are concerned people might complain about the procedure.

If the TSA is worried people will call the police after a pat down, that sounds like they may be taking things too far.

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