Terrorists Among the Refugees

The FBI has around 1000 domestic terrorism cases that they are investigating.

Of that 1000, 300 involve refugees. More than that, they involve refugees from the countries affected by President Trump’s controversial travel ban.

Obama knew this was a risk. Officials in his administration openly acknowledged that ISIS would use the refugee stream flowing out of the Middle East as a way to move terrorists into Europe and the United States where they could attack the West.

We’ve seen proof of this over and over again in the multiple attacks that have happened in Europe in recent years.

And, based on the numbers — 300 out of a 1000 — it looks like we may experience that nightmare firsthand here in the U.S.

Jeh Johnson, Obama’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, flat-out admitted that doing background checks on Syrian refugees is next to impossible. And that’s one of the reasons why Trump wants to improve the vetting system from that, and other, countries.

Am I the only one that gets a little tired of the left pretending there isn’t a problem with terrorism? That it isn’t a potential threat?

The risk of a terrorist attack on our soil is as high as ever. Don’t get complacent. Stay aware and stay informed. You can read more about the link between domestic terrorism and middle eastern refugees here.