Trump Disappointing on Budget

Trump is doing a lot of things I think are good. He’s taking our national security seriously. He’s limiting the powers of the executive branch. He isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and make tough choices about immigration.

But I do have one big concern about the Trump administration.

And that’s the budget.

Trump has simultaneously promised to reduce spending overall, to increase military spending, and to NOT touch entitlements.

The hard truth is we will never get our deficits (and our terrifying level of debt) under control unless we start reducing what we spend on entitlements.

There is not enough discretionary spending to make a difference. You could cut it all, and we’d still be staring down a massive load of debt.

And there is not enough money in rich people’s pockets to make a difference. You could tax the top 1% at 100% of their income, and it won’t matter.

This is one of the most profound issues facing our nation. And it’s deeply disappointing that President Trump looks like he is going to sidestep it in the same way as every other politician since the Reagan era. Read this to see some of the deeper problems with how Trump is approaching spending cuts.