The Mainstream Media Makes Itself Ridiculous

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the mainstream media has been regularly making a fool of itself over the Donald-Trump-Russia connection. It’s like they are genuinely shocked and surprised — not to mention, aghast — that the leader of the free world, or any public official holding a high office, would have any communication with Russian officials.

It’s become so bad that it’s completely predictable.

It all starts with one of the leftist outlets issuing a story that is “shocking.” You just know when you see the headline that this is it. It’s going to be ruinous for the administration.

The story gets picked up by talking heads on the left. Before you know it, it’s everywhere. People are tossing around phrases like “damning evidence” and “smoking gun.”

Then the excitement gets palpable among the democrats. They start murmuring about criminal charges. The story takes on a fevered pitch. But then a few days later, as cooler heads prevail, and upon a closer look at the facts, it turns out that the meetings with the Russians are just normal state business.

This kind of cycle forced Michael Flynn to step back from being the National Security Advisor. And now similar accusations are being made against Jeff Sessions. It’s silly. And it would be laughable if it weren’t so destructive to the functioning of the overall system.

To see just how formulaic this news cycle has become, check out this article that breaks it down into twelve steps.