The Obama Administration’s War on Journalists

The way the media cries bloody murder every time Trump even looks at them askance, you’d think Trump was planning to shut down outfits like CNN and the New York Times.

I don’t remember nearly so much crying foul when Obama was in office. But one journalist — from a liberal publication, no less — has spoken out about the true war against the press… and the main perpetrator of that war was Obama.

Glenn Greenwald is editor-in-chief at The Interceptor and he recently went on record about the damage that Obama did to the free press.

Obama. Not Trump.

Under Obama’s tenure, officials went after whistleblowers. They went after journalists, spying on them by tapping their phones. And sending subpoenas to put pressure on reporters to reveal their confidential sources.

So far, Trump has expressed disdain and frustration at the mainstream media’s one-sided coverage of the issues — one of those issues being himself. But he hasn’t taken actions to curb the media’s ability to do their job.

The difference between Obama and Trump’s reactions to the press and the press’s reactions to each of them are fascinating. You can read more here.Set featured image