Is Immigration Leading to Violence in Sweden?

Sweden has found itself unexpectedly at the forefront of the refugee conversation.

On the one side, people uncertain about opening our doors to the Middle Eastern refugees, point to rising crime in Europe where tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have settled.

On the other side, people who support an open refugee policy insist that there is no link between an increase in refugees and an increase in crime.

Sweden has taken in over 100,000 refugees in the past year. That’s one percent of their population. Of those more than 100,000 people only 500 have found employment. The rest are living on state-provided benefits.

In this video, Tucker Carlson and journalist Ami Horowitz talk about immigration in Sweden and the associated spike in violent crime. A spike that Swedish officials deny, but there’s some interesting evidence here that the Swedish authorities are downplaying the link. Give it a read and see what you think. And watch the video here.