Cyberattacks: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

If you need a job, consider becoming a cyber security expert.

In America, there are 200,000 open cyber security positions… positions that corporations would love to fill, but they just can’t find qualified individuals.

Think about that. Two hundred thousand vacant cyber security positions. And that’s just in the U.S. Around the world, there are likely hundreds of thousands more. That means that a breathtaking number of companies and organizations and government agencies have holes in their defense team.

They are working short-staffed. And some of them don’t have the technology to keep hackers at bay.

Experts say that while the current Congress is fixated on Russia’s cyberattacks during the recent elections, they are not paying attention to the changing landscape or to the coming cyber crisis.

According to a piece in the Washington Times, the focus of hackers is going to shift in two ways.

First, the major attacks we’ve seen in the last year targeted political organizations. In coming years, expect more attacks on government agencies like the social security administration and on private entities like banks and retail outlets. This prediction makes sense since we’ve already seen some pretty major attacks that fit this description.

Second, more people are getting into the cyberattack game. It’s not limited to big governments with big-government funding anymore. Terrorist groups are realizing that cyber crime can help fund their physical violence. Small nations are using cyberattacks against their neighbors to improve their own economic or political position.

Cyberattacks are going to become a major factor in politics and business. Much more so than they already are. And that could affect you in a very personal way. It will increase the chances you’ll be the victim of identity theft. And it will also destabilize the economy, which could have troubling and widespread financial effects on everyone.

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