Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Calls White People “Genetic Defects”

Not that you had any doubt about the racist undertones of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the views of a co-founder of Toronto’s BLM chapter should give anyone pause.

In a Facebook post this woman made in December 2015, she refers to white people as “recessive genetic defects.”

She also calls white skin sub-human. And suggests that white people should be wiped out.

Now if you had the co-founder of any organization that hopes to be taken seriously spew such nonsense in a public forum about a minority group, you can bet that person would be drummed out of that organization so fast her head would be spinning.

But that’s the case here. She most recently spoke out against Canada’s Prime Minister, calling him a terrorist and a white supremacist.

This kind of talk against white people is becoming more common, and it could be a harbinger of violence. Stay informed. Stay alert. And stay ready.

You can see the full story about this woman’s hate-filled statements, here.