Fake News in the Mainstream Media

For having made such a stink about fake news early in this year, the mainstream media sure has run a lot of stories that are at best misinformed and at worst deliberately dishonest.

For example, the story about Betsy DeVos, the newly confirmed education secretary, and the grizzly bears. When asked if specific school officials should be allowed to have guns on campuses, Ms. DeVos stated that should be decided at the state and local level. She used a Wyoming School as an example. The school has a fence around it to keep children safe from wildlife. She said she imagined that school also had a gun on site to protect from “potential grizzlies.” The mainstream media had a heyday with that comment, positioning it as if she believed every school needed guns for grizzly bear protection.


Or there’s Trump’s travel ban. A story was widely circulated that Trump’s ban on immigration from Iraq, along with seven other predominantly Muslim countries, resulted in the death of a woman scheduled to come here for medical treatment.

This was widely reported. But upon further digging, it turns out the woman in question died before Trump issued his executive order.

And speaking of fake news and that executive order, what about the mainstream media’s insistence on calling it a “Muslim ban”? Pretty silly and dishonest, if you ask me.

If you click here, you’ll find a round-up of 16 of the top Fake News stories that have spread like wild fire through mainstream media channels in the last six months. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so scary.