Arrested for Homeschooling

Imagine this…

Your kids aren’t doing well in school. You’ve done what you can to work with teachers and school administrators to make sure your children are getting the education they need and deserve, but it’s just not happening.

So, you decide to do some research on other options.

You come across homeschooling as a possibility. You check on local laws. Talk to officials at City Hall. You find out all that you need to do to homeschool your kids so you can make sure, personally, that they are learning what they need to succeed.

You fill out all the paperwork and everything is fine.

But then a week later Child Protective Services calls and wonders why your kids aren’t in school. You explain, offering to show them the documents you have proving you’ve gone through proper channels.

A few weeks later, Child Protective Services comes to your home to take your children. And when you protest, the police arrest you.

This sounds outlandish, but it’s actually happening. See the heartbreaking story of a mom trying to do the best she can by her children and the disturbing reaction of overzealous bureaucrats. But be warned… this story will make your blood boil.