White House Becomes More Accessible to Reporters

One story you may not have heard much about is Trump’s plan to make White House press conferences and daily briefings more accessible to reporters who aren’t on site in Washington.

The Trump administration is launching what is has dubbed Skype seats. These are a way for reporters in, say, Cleveland or Denver or Houston or even smaller locales like Cedar City, UT or Billings, MT to be present for the president’s daily briefings with the press… and to give those reporters an opportunity to ask the president, or his press secretary, questions.

These Skype seats may grow to occasionally include average citizens and to give them an opportunity to ask questions of the president, as well.

It’s an interesting idea. And it certainly flies in the face of the notion that Trump wants to shut down free speech and freedom of the press. I’m sure the mainstream media will find something to complain about, though. These days, it seems like they always do.