This Is the New Racism

The Democratic National Committee is selecting its chairman (or should I say chairperson?). DNC officials gathered this last week to hash through how they lost in November and to pick a new person to lead them forward.

If the rhetoric coming out of the hopefuls for the chair position is any indication, we are in for four years of highly charged racial tensions. Because the DNC seems to have it all figured out — Hillary lost because of white people.

And they’re not talking about the general population. They’re talking about the white people working at and with the DNC.

A few of the things they feel are problematic…

White-owned political consultancies: If you own a political consultancy and support the Democratic party, don’t expect a lot of business from the DNC if you’re white. According to the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, “You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.” (I guess if you’re a minority person with secretarial skills, you don’t count.)

White people talking too much: The Democrats also want to teach Americans how to “shut their mouths if they are white.” That’s director of Idaho’s Democratic Party.

Black people are afraid for their lives: The chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party said that black people are justifiably afraid being killed now that Donald Trump is president and that this fear is pervasive, that it reaches into all parts of the country.

This is a pot of social unrest that’s ready to boil over. And the DNC seems committed to feeding the fires.

Now more than ever, it’s time to build strong communities. Get to know your neighbors of every background. Having friendly relationship with the people nearest to you, in geographic terms, can make a huge difference if and when we hit the boiling point and social chaos erupts.

I know the quotes I’ve given here seem pretty outlandish, but you can see for yourself