The “Scandal-Free” Presidency

How many times in the last two months have you heard the Obama presidency referred to as “scandal-free”? Or “without scandal”?

The Democrats are really doubling down on this one, insisting that Obama is unique in recent history because of the amazing lack of any scandals tied to his presidency.

Talk about alternative facts!

During the Obama presidency, the IRS was used to target and harass Obama’s political enemies. That’s a level of corruption and inappropriate behavior we haven’t seen before. Certainly, it merits the label of “scandal.”

There were the cyberattacks on Irian centrifuges orchestrated first by the Bush administration and then carried on by Obama. Under Obama, the malware used in the cyberattacks got loose from the Irian networks it was targeting, putting other businesses at risk. A fact that the administration initially denied and then admitted to when the evidence became so obvious it made the denials look foolish.

Obama’s administration spied on reporters… channeled money to politically connected individuals in the green energy market… turned the VA into a shambles… and paid ransom money to Iran.

It’s one scandal after another if you look at the record with any honesty at all.

Read this full listing of the Obama scandals, and then the next time you hear someone talk about the “scandal-free” administration, set the record straight.