The Left Goes on the Attack Against Trump Appointees

There was never any doubt the Democratic Party was going to a be a sore loser in this election. But even I am a bit surprised by the extremes they are taking it to.

Although, I probably shouldn’t be.

Trump is making a full out assault on the executive branch, in the eyes of the Democrats. He’s appointing Department secretaries based on business acumen and often on the very different ideas they bring to the table when compared to the norm.

In the last few decades, the Democrats have been consolidating their power through the executive branch of government. When Congress passes a law, there’s a good chance the law that representatives and senators vote on is really just a vague policy objective. The details of reaching the objective — the regulations that affect folks like you and me — are left to the executive agencies.

In affect, the agencies get to make the letter of the law without any real accountability to the voter.

The left loves this. It gives them power — remember most federal employees are Democrats — and they are happy to use it. So they’re terrified that Trump is bringing in people with dramatically different and unconventional ideas than what’s come before — ideas that fly in the face of what the left is trying to achieve.

No one personifies this better than Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. She is a strong advocate for school choice — a notion that sends the left into total fits of rage.

Democrats are attempting to block her appointment through ridiculous and punitive strategies like making her provide written answers to 1,397 follow-up questions after her confirmation hearing. (Obama’s two appointments were asked to answer 109 questions combined.)

It’s a sad show of pettiness from the left, but hardly surprising. Read more about the left’s Betsy Devos temper tantrum, here.

And then if you support her appointment, let your senators know.