YouTube Censoring Conservative Voices

Here’s something we should all get used to. The tech giants, like YouTube (owned by Google), doing weasel-y things to silence opinions they don’t agree with.

I’m not jumping the gun either. This is already happening. Conservative after conservative is being kicked from Twitter for “hate speech.” Conservative posts are regularly removed from Facebook for being in “violation” of their terms and conditions. (Never mind that they allowed a live video of white kid being tortured to stream for 30 minutes.)

And now YouTube is getting in on the act.

YouTube recently pulled the account of Legal Insurrection, a channel tied to the popular conservative website of the same name. YouTube is hiding behind a claim that they received multiple third-party complaints that the channel uses plagiarized material in its videos.

The founder of Legal Insurrection objects strongly to those accusations, stating that they closely followed fair use practices.

It doesn’t matter to the folks at YouTube. They saw an opportunity to silence a voice they find distasteful.

Now let me just state that I totally understand YouTube is a business. And they have the right to determine what kinds of videos can be posted to their site.

Here’s what I object to. They apply their terms and conditions differently based on the ideology of the user. That’s happening on Facebook. It’s happening on Twitter. They are redefining the term “hate speech” to mean anything that makes them uncomfortable.

If they were just honest about it and stated that they hold the right to remove any content at any time for any reason, I’d have a whole lot more respect for them. Instead they wield a double standard and try to act like they’re noble for doing it.

Here’s my advice. If you use any social media networks as a business tool, make sure you back up everything you post. There may come a day when you need to post it elsewhere.

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