Obama Makes Voting “Critical Infrastructure”

In the wake of the perceived crisis created by the Russian hacking scandal, Obama is leaving office on the same note he came in — by never letting a good crisis go to waste.

In this case, by executive order (of course), Obama has granted the federal government the authority to begin centralizing our national elections. Elections are clearly to be handled by the states under the Constitution.

But now, voting systems have been named as part of the nation’s “critical infrastructure.” And that means the Department of Homeland Security has the power to “protect” them. In other words, it can tell state’s how to conduct their elections.

Right now, our decentralized system provides a buffer against widespread hacking. Hackers may be able to target a single state, but they can’t affect everything nationwide. Under these new regulations, all the states may be operating under a single system, which would make a determined hacker’s job much easier.

Such a shift in power would also make it easier for the left to fight against voter I.D. laws.

Fortunately, the states are putting up a fight against this one. It’s definitely one to watch. You can see the details of these dubious new regulations here.