All Eyes on Russia Means No One Is Watching China

This last week has seen a lot of reporting on the misdeeds of Russia.

In response to Russian hacking aimed at the Democratic National Committee, Barack Obama placed sanctions against two of Russia’s intelligence services and expelled 35 intelligence operatives form the U.S.

At the same time, a story of Russia hacking the power grid, spread across the Internet like wildfire. Turns out the story was overblown and that the threat didn’t come from Russia.

But all eyes have been on Russia.

And no one has been paying much attention to what China is up to.

Never mind that when it comes to cyberattacks, China’s efforts against the United States are proven and have done significant damage. It was China that hacked the records of federal employees in 2015. That attack compromised several U.S. operatives.

And never mind that China has been sending patrols into Japanese waters, possibly testing to see if such actions get a reaction from Japan and the U.S.

These things have gone largely ignored by the media and almost completely ignored by the Obama administration.

It would, of course, be a mistake to ignore Russia. But I suspect we’re in much more danger of an aggressive exchange with China. It’s important for savvy citizens like you to keep an eye on that ball.

You can read more about China’s aggression here.