21 Signs We’re Living in a Police State

I know a lot of people breathed a big sigh of relief when Trump won the election. But to let your guard down now would be a mistake.

It’s true the President is powerful. But corruption is deeply entrenched in Washington. And so much power has shifted from the legislature — the arm of the citizens — to bureaucrats serving in the executive branch.

These people may not make the laws per say. But they have the power to determine how laws are implemented. We’re started to see how dangerous it is to put so much power in the hands of unelected officials who serve at the pleasure of the President rather than people.

Just a few things to watch out for…

The war on cash. We’ve talked about this several times in print issues of Independent Living News. The government and the banks are working with dogged determination to turn our society into a cashless society. When they do, they’ll be able to track you based on your purchases. And when they can do that, they can start to “influence” your behavior based on what they know about what you buy.

The anti-propaganda center. Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act this year, and within that bill is a directive to establish an anti-propaganda center. The administration plans to use this new center to “counter disinformation.” The Ministry of Truth, anyone?

Tracking chips. The House approved a bill this year allowing police to track individuals with mental impairments using implanted chips. This is one of those bills with good intentions that has the potential to be horribly misused.

This is just a sampling of the signs that we’re living in a police state. Find the full listing of 21 here.