More Than a Million Unknown Viruses

The MERS outbreak… the SARS outbreak… even the Ebola outbreak.

They all came and went. They were scary while they were happening, but they didn’t bring about world catastrophe.

Those outbreaks have spooked medical researchers, though.

Here’s why. In each case, the public health and medical industries scrambled to develop vaccines and drugs to treat the viruses. And after each outbreak, they had to admit that all their scrambling and effort didn’t help to contain the disease.

These outbreaks petered out on their own.

With more than a million unknown viruses in the world, it’s only a matter of time before one of these outbreaks is truly disastrous. And if history has taught us anything, our efforts to fight back will be ineffectual.

So what does this mean to you?

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your family in the face of a pandemic virus.

First, you can make it good immune-building practices a habit… things like eating healthy foods with a variety of nutrients, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and staying physically fit.

Second, you can keep your ear to the ground. When you hear about an outbreak that is starting to spread, it’s time to avoid public places as much as you can… to step up how often you wash your hands… and to give your immune system a little extra boost with natural supplements.

Third, you can make sure you’re ready for anything in terms of basic preparations. If a widespread and deadly pandemic does happen, it will disrupt supply chains. Have enough food, water, and first aid supplies on hand to keep you and your family comfortable for at least 30 days.

In the meantime, take a moment to learn more about the million+ unknown viruses, and why they’re a threat.