Obama Takes a Parting Shot at Gun Owners

Before he leaves office, Obama is doing what he can to limit the rights of gun owners. His big play to make that happen? He’s submitted the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty to the Senate for ratification.

The Arms Trade Treaty was originally crafted to prevent weapons from being told to regimes that were known abusers of human rights. But it didn’t take long for gun control groups to start pushing for language to be added to the treaty that would hamstring the right of American citizens to own guns.

Under the Bush administration, our ambassadors to the U.N. made it clear that the United States would not ratify the treaty unless firearms held under “national Constitutional protection” were exempt from the regulations it imposed.

Under the Obama administration, that language was removed. John Kerry has signed the treaty, and now Obama is pushing for the Senate to ratify it.

Fortunately, it’s unlikely the Senate will comply. You can help make sure that’s the case by contacting your senators and telling them what you think about the U.N. treaty.

For more information about what’s in the treaty and about Obama’s push to make it the law of the land before he leaves office, go here.