The Rise of the Truth Ministry

Liberals want to control what you think. And if they can’t control that, they at least want to control what you hear and what you read.

They’re taking a step toward that goal with Facebook’s newest effort to crack down on “fake” news.

Facebook will be adopting the International Fact-Checking Network’s code of five principles and will work with third-party organizations to review news stories. If they find a news story to be “fake” they’ll label it as “Disputed” and provide a link to another article explaining why. They have also stated that disputed news stories may not appear as high in people’s news feeds.

So basically, Facebook is taking it upon itself — more so than it already does — to filter what you have access to through their platform.

That’s totally within their rights. But, if you tend to get your news from what your friends and family share through Facebook, it may be time to change your reading habits so that your news isn’t being filtered in a way you’re not happy with.

I recommend finding a good cross section of news and opinion sites, from those with a conservative slant to those with a neutral slant to those with a liberal slant. When a news story catches your interest, read about from two or three different angles so that you have a good idea of what’s going on, of what people you tend to agree with think about it, and of what people you tend to disagree think about it, too. Use all that information to come to your own conclusions.

Just one more note… this grand scheme of Facebook’s? It’s funding is by none other than George Soros. Take a look here for the full story.