Iran Opens Theme Park to Teach Kids to Hate the West

In countries driven by western culture, we typically raise our children with the beliefs that everyone should be treated equally under the law, that law and order matter, that property rights are important, and that people should be allowed to live their lives as they choose so long as they’re not hurting anyone.

What we don’t do is teach our children to hate anyone based on skin color or religion.

That’s not true in some countries. And if the latest news out of Iran doesn’t make that clear, I don’t know what will.

Iran now has a new kid’s theme-park. It’s free for boys between ages 8 and 13. These young boys go and dress in military gear. They’re issued replicas of AK47s. And then they spend their time moving through obstacle courses to attack western targets like the U.S. flag and an effigy of Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister.

The fact that Iran is going to such lengths to indoctrinate their children with such a hate for Israel and the United States is telling. It means that the threat of Islamic terrorism going to continue for at least a generation. And that means staying diligent and building up your ability to be self-reliant in the face of any major attacks remains an important ongoing goal.

Click through to see pictures of the Iranian theme-park training camp. But I warn you. They’re pretty chilling.