Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Plan to Crack Down on “Extremist” Content

person-976759_640Some of the biggest names on the Internet are working together to keep extremist views off their pages. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Microsoft have agreed to work together find faster ways to identify and remove extremist content.

The companies plan to share with one another the unique digital identifiers of any photo or video content they have removed for being too extreme.

Currently, the companies say they are focused on terrorist content. The kind of content that incites violent attacks. The hope is that by suppressing this kind of content, they’ll help to prevent further militant attacks in the U.S. and Europe.

The companies promise content will not be removed automatically, but will be reviewed by an actual person before a decision is made to take it down.

The companies in question are taking these steps under pressure from the European Union.

Here’s my concern. Would the EU bureaucrats have considered calls for Britain to leave the EU extreme? What about calls to control the influx of refugees from the Middle East? Or frank discussions about concerns over Islamic Supremacism?

What’s to keep the same bureaucrats from pushing these companies to suppress any views they don’t like by labeling the views as extreme?

It’s a scary time for free speech on the Internet. Stay vigilant! And learn more about the Twitter/Facebook/YouTube plan to control speech on their networks.