Immigration Advocacy Groups Move to Protect Gang Members from Donald Trump

MigrantsIn California, there’s a database of gang members. The California State government uses it as a law enforcement tool.

Immigration advocacy groups in California are requesting that California’s Attorney General block federal access to the database. They want to prevent President-Elect Trump from using the information to find and deport gang members who are also here illegally.

The main group opposing Trump’s access to the database, Voice of OC, cites concerns that the information isn’t always accurate. People may have been added to the database by mistake. Or they may not have been removed from the database when they should have been. According to Voice OC, that could lead to the Trump administration mistakenly deporting illegal immigrants who don’t have a criminal record.

It’s more proof that the left does not care if people come into our country illegally. In fact, they encourage it.

The left is using illegal immigrants. They’re putting their faith in these people to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats — and yes, the left does advocate that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote.

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