The Clock Is Ticking…

sun-581377_640I’ve written to you many times about the danger a large solar event would pose to our power grid.

A massive solar storm — if it hits the earth directly — would do untold damage. Satellites wouldn’t be able to penetrate the atmosphere. Communications would fail. GPS would shut down.

Magnetic surges triggered by the event would cause electrical transformers to explode. Given the interconnectivity and the fragility of our grid, it wouldn’t take much for the entire thing to collapse.

If that happens, the world changes.

Federal officials who study these kinds of possibilities suggest $2 trillion in damages in the first year. They project a 10-year recovery period for our civilization and economy to get fully back on its feet. In bleaker reports, casualties could run as high as 90%.

Today, things got even more real.

Predictive Science, a research and solutions company based in San Diego, California, released its findings regarding the actual likelihood of a massive solar event striking the earth.

The say the odds are one in eight that such an event happens before the decade is out.

That’s a 12 percent chance that everything will be upended within the next three years. To me, that’s grounds to be prepared. Seriously prepared.

You can read more about the solar storm prediction here.