Is Trump Walking Back on Immigration?

u-s-mexico-border-62866_640The Trump transition team is in talks with individuals it’s considering for the position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

Trump has talked a tough game on immigration throughout his campaign. He’s promised to build a wall to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. And he’s promised to begin deporting people already here illegally, focusing first on those who have committed violent crimes while here.

But one of the candidates he’s entertaining for Secretary of Homeland Security has immigration hawks worried.

This week, Trump interviewed Representative Michael McCaul. He’s a Republican from Texas who served as the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Those sound like good credentials, but the work Mr. McCaul has done on immigration has been less than stellar.

He coauthored a bill in 2015 that did not address the 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally. He also threw in with Boehner’s immigration reform agenda which included a path to citizenship and even gave voting rights to illegal immigrants.

That’s certainly enough to set off some alarm bells.

The election of Donald Trump sent a message to Washington that people are fed up with business as usual. Let’s hope that Trump doesn’t step away from the promises he built his campaign around.

Check out Representative McCaul’s full background here, and decide for yourself if you think he’s a good fit.