John Kerry’s Hypocrisy

Airplane taking off at sunset. Silhouette of a big passenger orLast week’s election was telling.

People are tired of Washington elitists deciding what is good enough for the “little people.” And then setting up an entirely different playbook for themselves.

Just look at John Kerry’s recent trip. He’s traveled to Antarctica, New Zealand, and the Middle East. He’ll journey to Peru next, and then return home.

This trip is all about addressing climate change. And during this eight-day trip, John Kerry’s personal carbon footprint will reach more than 16.5 tons… that’s more carbon dioxide than the average American produces in an entire year.

This is an example of elitist thinking. John Kerry is important. He’s doing important work. So it’s okay for him to have an outlandish carbon footprint.

But you, the little people at home, need to turn down your thermostats and stop driving so much. You’re killing the planet.

I’m not begrudging anyone their international travel. But I do begrudge John Kerry such an excursion when he’s working hard to limit access to energy and travel for the rest of us.

His level of hypocrisy is stunning. You can see what I mean when you go here to read the full account.