Soros Spends Millions to Fix the Election

vote-661888_640He may not have succeeded, but you have to give billionaire George Soros credit for trying. He spared no expense, attacking U.S. election laws in an effort to give Democrats an edge in this election. (And future elections.)

Just a sampling of what Soros has been up to:

  • In Wisconsin, Virginia, and North Carolina, Soros has been funding attacks on voter identification laws. He managed to get North Carolina’s law suspended for this election.

  • His funding has gone to block efforts in Kansas, Georgia, and Alabama meant to ensure that only citizens are registering to vote.

  • With Soros’s backing, legislation has been drafted to nationalize voter registration — a step that goes against the Constitution’s promise that election laws will be set at the state level.

  • Soros has funded efforts to implement mandatory voter registration.

  • Soros is funding organizations that deny voter fraud is an issue — this despite evidence that Soros also has close ties with a company that has supplied voting machines to several distracts. This company has been accused of perpetrating voting irregularities in the past.

The list goes on and on.

Soros’s aim is clear. He wants to manipulate our system so that people friendly to his globalist ambitions rise to power. There’s no reason to think he’ll stop just because he fell short in the 2016 elections.

The list of his offenses really is stunning. You can view it in its entirety here.