Illegal Immigrants Flood Southern Border

US Mexican borderRemember, two years ago, when the media couldn’t stop talking about the surge of immigrants coming over our borders… and what a humanitarian crisis it was?

It’s amazing what a difference an election year makes.

This year is the worst year on record for the number of immigrants crossing into our nation illegally.

It used to be that immigrants coming here illegally had to sneak across the border for fear of being turned away. But thanks to the Obama administration’s policies things have gotten much worse.

Now a good many immigrants coming across the border seek out immigration authorities and turn themselves in, believing that they’ll be allowed to stay permanently.

Meanwhile the number of immigrants surging into the country has thrown Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into crisis mode. They are calling agents away from cities and states. Agents who normally work to find and deport illegal immigrants engaged in other criminal behavior. Instead these people are being redirected to help process the illegal immigrants coming over the border.

You read that right… these immigrants are being processed. Not just turned away.

Bottom line. Our cities are more exposed and more dangerous than ever.

If Hillary becomes president, you can bet this situation will get even worse. She’s acknowledged that she favors open borders, and you can bet she’s not going to send resources to Border Patrol or ICE to help them do their jobs better.

That means more illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds making their way into our cities.

It’s just one more reason to do everything you can to shore up your self-reliance.

Breitbart recently interviewed an ICE agent who goes on record saying, “The administration’s policies have created the influx and the crisis situation because people overrun our border knowing they have a chance to stay.” Read the rest of the interview here.