How Hillary Has Rigged the Election

protest-464616_640Not too long ago, there was a video floating around the Internet about how elections actually get rigged. We hear a lot about voter fraud… about dead people voting… about illegal immigrants voting… about people voting twice.

Those things are all real concerns, but they don’t happen at a rate that can sway elections.

However, software tampering, done behind the scenes to the machines tasked with tallying votes… that is something that can absolutely tip an election result from the will of the people to the will of the political elite.

In fact, according to that video I just mentioned, which you can view below, if the software is programmed right, the conclusion of the election is hard-wired in… and nobody will ever know what happened unless the paper ballots are tallied and compared to the digital result.

Scary stuff. But it gets even scarier.

Sixteen states in the nation are using voting machines that are provided by a company that is closely tied to leftist billionaire George Soros. Now there’s no question that Soros would like to see Hillary win this election. He’s given millions to her campaign.

Even worse, the company providing these voting machines has also been accused of helping to rig the Venezuelan elections back in 2004.

So we have voting machines from a company suspected of aiding and abetting voter fraud in the past and with ties to someone who unabashedly wants Hillary to win. It seems pretty shady. But decide for yourself when you give this article a read.

And here’s the video that I mentioned.