Gaps in Your Preparedness? Here’s How to Find Them and Fill Them

The power just went out. Your home is dark. You look outside and there’s darkness as far as you can see.

You try your cell phone, but you’re not getting a signal.

You have no idea how far this power outage extends. Or how long it will last.

Are you ready? Have you thought of everything?

Do you have enough food, water, medicine, and fuel on hand to be comfortable for a few days? A few weeks?

Are you ready to protect yourself if people get desperate and start looting door to door?

It’s a sobering thought. The thing about disasters is you don’t usually see them coming. It’s easy to put off preparing in advance and becoming more self-reliant. But if the power goes out tomorrow or the financial sector collapses or the next Spanish flu starts sweeping the globe, then you’ve missed your window.

Check out this video to help you see where the gaps are in your own preparedness efforts.