This is our TREXIT

trexit-trumpThis presidential election looks like a carbon copy of the BREXIT vote in UK only months ago. We are seeing the same fear, panic and desperation among the Washington DC ruling class.

How panicked is Hillary? She made a beauty queen named Alicia Machado into the star of the first presidential debate. Hillary gambled her credibility and entire campaign on Machado. There’s just a little problem. Hillary didn’t know this beauty queen had sex with a stranger LIVE on national television, while engaged to a famous American baseball player. Lovely.

Machado also allegedly threatened to murder a judge in Venezuela.

She also allegedly drove a getaway car after an attempted murder.

And as if that’s not enough, she allegedly fathered a baby with a notorious mafia gangster, who sits in prison.

These little details slipped by Hillary and her gigantic staff of 1000. Why? Because they are so scared and desperate to stop Trump.

But Hillary isn’t alone. Lots of powerful people are scared and desperate. Every living U.S. President and ex-President supports Hillary. Most establishment politicians of both parties support Hillary.Connected DC insiders like former GOP Senator John Warner of Virginia supports Hillary. The Bush family and Mitt Romney appear to support Hillary.

In fact, 50 Republicans even penned a letter opposing Trump and published it in the New York Times. See their letter and names here.

Then we come to the rich and powerful. Hedge fund CEOs have given Hillary almost $50 million vs. $19,000 to Trump. Even more amazingly, not one Fortune 100 CEO has given a donation to Trump.

Hillary is setting all-time fundraising records and outraising Trump by a mile. It’s all big money donations from Wall Street, banks, billionaires and billion dollar multi-national corporations.

Every corrupt, greedy, entitled, fat-cat is lined up to hand a bag of cash to Hillary- because they know if she wins,

“THE FIX IS IN.” They know under President Hillary the country is up for sale. They know they’ll own the White House. Electing Hillary is like putting a Latin American Banana Republic dictator in charge of America.

Hillary is like a NASCAR driver. She should rent space on her pantsuits for corporate logos.

The DC establishment and media elite cannot afford to let Trump get into the White House. If he gain access to the cooked books, the jig is up. The crimes, fraud, greed and bribery of the political elite will be exposed. Career politicians and lifelong bureaucrats will lose their power and pensions. Companies will lose government contracts. People will be fired. People will go to jail. Hillary might be one of them.

This is all so simple. The people giving this record amount of campaign cash to Hillary are the people who are fleecing us. They’ve gotten rich by rigging the system against the people of America.

Remind you of anything? Just like with Trump, the UK establishment elite was desperate to stop BREXIT. They threw everything at BREXIT but the kitchen sink. They trotted out every political hack. They got every media endorsement. They tried to scare the voters with predictions of disaster and economic collapse. Every oddsmaker predicted BREXIT would lose. Every poll showed BREXIT losing.

But the experts were all wrong. The people of the UK ignored the experts and the politicians. BREXIT shocked the world.

My new book, “ANGRY WHITE MALE” summed this all up. I wrote the book back in May, but my prediction that 40 million motivated angry white males would come out in all-time record numbers to elect Trump is turning out to be the key to the election.

I didn’t know Hillary would call us “deplorables” and “irredeemable.”

I didn’t know Bill Clinton would call us “rednecks” (i.e. white trash).

I had no idea Wikileaks would “out” the Clinton campaign for team mocking Catholics and evangelical Christians.

I had no way to know Wikileaks would “out” Hillary’s campaign guru John Podesta as being upset and disappointed that a terrorist attack on U.S. soil was committed by Muslims, instead of white men.

Can you even imagine this is how these creeps think? Hillary Clinton and her socialist cabal really are racists. In Hillary’s ultra-liberal, politically-correct world, there is only one group you’re allowed to hate and disparage: white, straight, Christian males. We’re the target. We’re the enemy. We will be persecuted under a Hillary Clinton administration like you’ve never seen before. Wikileaks has proven it.

Trump is our BREXIT. Just like BREXIT, the American people have had enough. They no longer care what the mainstream media or establishment politicians think. This is a revolution. On November 8th it’s our turn to shock the world.

This is our TREXIT.

Wayne Allyn Root is a best-selling author and the former Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. His new book “Angry White Male” is available at fine bookstores everywhere and online at