Russian Media Is Talking War

nuclear-weapons-test-67557_640The Russian media was throwing around the ‘N’ word with alarming regularity this last week.


Media outlets in Russia are responding to a breakdown in diplomacy between Russia and the U.S. by telling their citizens we might use nukes to attack them.

Now I don’t think we’re going to enter into a nuclear conflict with Russia any time soon. Especially not if we’re supposed to be the aggressors. But our footing with Russia is not on good terms. And that’s not good news.

In response, Russia is taking a hardline on Syria, which means our risk of clashes with the military there is on the rise.

Russia is also at the top of the list of suspects for a number of cyberattacks perpetrated against the United States. And Russia has used the growing tensions as a reason to reach out to China, forming an alliance in response to what both countries perceive as a U.S. threat against their security.

We definitely live in interesting times. You can learn more about what’s happening between Russia and the U.S. right here. And you can learn more about Russia’s growing alliance with China here.