Chicago Cop Takes a Beating Rather Than Draw Weapon

bodyworn-794101_640The hysteria over race and police shootings is starting to reveal the law of unforeseen consequences.

Although, really, anyone with a brain could have seen this coming.

By supercharging the racial discourse in this country and by focusing on police shootings — and condemning them before facts can even be reviewed — the media, Black Lives Matter, and the Obama Administration have put our law enforcement officers in danger.

Case in point, a police officer in Chicago was beaten brutally last week, when responding to a car accident. She feared for her life, but chose not to draw her weapon because she worried about the scrutiny her family and her department would have to endure in the wake of a shooting, warranted or not.

In all, three officers were hospitalized in the incident.

This would have been a clear case of self-defense, but the officers on scene went against their training in order to avoid being crucified by the media.

In this case, they were the ones to get hurt. But how long will it be before an officer afraid to do his job puts innocent bystanders in harm’s way?

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