“We Run the Streets!”

ferguson-700x466A police officer was mobbed by 40 people last week as he responded to an illegal street race in Fresno, California.

Local police received several calls to complain about the street racing. The first officer on scene tried to bring things under control, approaching one of the racers. But the crowd of spectators shouted at the racer to flee.

The officer returned to his car, preparing to follow the suspect. But he found himself blocked in by a mass of people.

The mob kicked his car and threw rocks at it. They shouted at him, “We run the streets!”

In all they did $12,000 worth of damage to the car. Fortunately, the officer was shaken, but unharmed.

This is becoming a pervasive mindset among those who have embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. Every time there is a police shooting of a black individual — it doesn’t matter the circumstances of the shooting — people blame and target the police.

It’s a dangerous time to be a police officer. Just click through to see what I mean. The video speaks volumes.