United Moves Woman So as Not to Offend Pakistani Monks

passengers-519011_640Try to imagine it.

You’ve booked your seat on United Airlines well in advance. You took United up on the option to reserve your specific seat. You’re in the part of the plane you want, seated by the window… just like you prefer.

But when it comes time to board, the counter agent gives you a new boarding pass with a new seat. When you try to protest, the United employee explains that your previous seat was next to two Pakistani men who refuse to sit next to a woman for religious reasons.

Think about that. These men are the one with the issue. They should have been the ones to move. Instead United treated a woman like a second class citizens to as not to upset the potentially more volatile passengers.

Frankly, I’d have told these two gentlemen if they couldn’t handle sitting next to whoever they ended up by, then they didn’t belong on the aircraft. But this is the world we’re living in. People bend over backward to protect anyone who is in a “protected” class.

I guess we know now that as far as “protected” classes go, men who might be Muslim outrank women… at least according to United Airlines.

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