Upper Midwest Power Grid at High Risk of Collapse

0003677-imagesHere at Independent Living, we’ve told you again and again about the risk of a massive electromagnetic pulse to the power grid.

Such a pulse could be the result of a high-atmosphere nuclear detonation. Or it could be the result of a massive solar storm. Scientists have been studying the possible impact of solar storms, and they’ve mapped out the areas of the country at greatest risk of grid collapse in the event of direct hit of super-charged solar energy.

Based on the Earth’s magnetic field and the conductivity of the Earth’s crust, the upper Midwest — especially Minnesota and Wisconsin — are at higher-than-usual risk of seeing their regional power grid completely collapsed in the event of a solar storm.

If you live in this area, this is important and valuable information to have. Unfortunately, it’s not information the mainstream media has taken the time to share with you. But knowing this, you can put extra effort into making sure you and your loved ones are prepared to deal with an extended power outage.

Even if you don’t live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, keep in mind that if one region’s grid collapses in could trigger a cascade effect that shuts down the entire country. This is a threat that the elites in Washington are taking very seriously. And one that they are staying very quiet about, which means you should take it very seriously, too.

Start taking steps to prepare if you haven’t already.

And take a minute to look over the map of the areas at highest risk of experiencing major effects from a solar storm.