Second Amendment: How Does Your State Match Up?

0004155-gunsWe live in uncertain times. And the Obama administration is working hard to make our cities less safe by fanning the flames of racial tensions, tying the hands of police departments around the country, and pushing to federalize law enforcement.

I’ve said it before, but I want to stress it — when it comes to your safety and that of your family, you are your own first line of defense.

Whether or not you choose to own a gun or carry a concealed weapon is up to you. But living in a location that is friendly to the Second Amendment can help keep you safer even if you don’t opt to personally exercise your right.

When they know you might be armed, criminals tend to think twice about committing crimes that could put them in harm’s way.

When your fellow citizens are armed, if you’re attacked by a violent thug, there’s a higher chance that someone will be able to effectively come to your rescue.

So, how does your state match up when it comes to supporting your Second Amendment rights? You can find out here, in this state-by-state ranking of which states have the best record — and the worst record — when it comes to gun owners and their rights.