Now This Is Scary!

russia-95311_640There are almost 10 million more people in the employ of the government than there are working in manufacturing jobs.

That’s a terrifying number.

People in the manufacturing sector produce things. Actual goods that other people buy and use to improve their quality of life.

People working for the government don’t produce anything. They require tax dollars to draw a salary. And all too often they use their bureaucratic influence to further shift money and power into the public sector and away from the private sector.

A government this big and bloated isn’t sustainable. It will chip away at our economy. It will it more expensive to buy things from food to energy to finished goods. It will continue to suppress job growth. And it will continue to add to our nation’s debt.

There isn’t a lot you can do the shift the rising tide of a huge government working force, but you aren’t helpless either. For starters you can vote for people locally and nationally who will be responsible when it comes to fiscal policy.

You can also start your own business — job creation at its finest!

And you can work to pay down your personal debt so the growing sickness within our economy has less of an effect on your own financial situation in the years to come.

To see how government jobs have been growing like a well-fed cancer, check this out.