Are the Russians Planning to Throw Our Election into Turmoil?

privacy-policy-1624400_640In the course of this election cycle, we’ve seen confidential emails from the DNC leaked to the public at large… we’ve seen the DNC’s opposition research on Donald Trump released by parties other than the DNC… we’ve seen the personal contact information for prominent Democrats posted online.

The electronic meddling doesn’t stop there. The FBI has also reported that it’s found evidence of foreign entities hacking into voter registration databases.

We’ve also heard testimony about behind-the-scenes tampering with electronic voting machine programming.

It’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that our voting system is not secure.

And that means that this election could potentially be swayed by bureaucrats who think they’re above the law, by hackers, or by foreign powers… like Russia who has the means and the motive to pull off that kind of cyber-attack.

Here’s a scarier thought. Because electronic voting is so clearly vulnerable to meddling, this year’s loser — whether it’s Trump or Hillary — could do a lot of damage just by claiming that they lost because of a rigged system. Just click here to see what I mean.