Is Google Trying to Keep You from Learning the Truth About Hillary?

HillaryClintonWhen you do a search on Google or any search engine, part way through typing in your search phrase, the search engine will make suggestions. Now, these suggested search phrases, it’s understood, are based on what people are searching for. They’re supposed to be based on what’s trending.

So it’s interesting that if you type in “Hillary Clinton he” on Bing or Yahoo!, you get suggestions like “Hillary Clinton health” and “Hillary Clinton health issues.” That same partial search term on Google earns you the suggested phrases “Hillary Clinton headquarters” and “Hillary Clinton healthcare plan.”

This fact has Breitbart asking if Google is trying to protect Hillary and downplay her health issues. Given the staunch support Google’s CEO has thrown behind Hillary it’s not such a crazy question.

An even better question is, just how serious are Hillary Clinton’s health issues?

Several prominent physicians are asking that question. And based on the publicly available information, the answers they’re coming up with aren’t good for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Between several serious falls in the last five years — one resulting in a concussion that took months to recover from — a blood clot in her brain, difficulty going up and down stairs, and some evidence that she doesn’t always have full motor control, voters have reason to wonder if Mrs. Clinton is up to the stress that comes with the Oval Office.

And that doesn’t even touch on those moments when she completely loses her train of thought while speaking. Remember, when Rick Perry lost the 2012 primary because he lost his train of thought during a debate?

It’s fair to ponder if the same will to happen to Hillary. Click to see why doctors are concerned.