Life-Saving Drug for Allergy Sufferers Becoming Prohibitively Expensive

syringe-103059_640You’ve probably heard of an EpiPen.

It’s a fast-acting drug that severe allergy-sufferers can administer to prevent anaphylaxis, an allergic response that can be deadly.

Now, I’m not talking about your average allergy. This isn’t a drug for someone whose eyes get a little watery during pollen season. But if you have an allergy to bees or peanuts or shellfish… those can be fatal for some people.

Those folks, who know a bite of food with the wrong thing in it could be their last, carry an EpiPen. This is an auto-injection device that allows anyone on the scene to properly administer the airway-opening drug, epinephrine.

Epinephrine is cheap. And for the longest time, EpiPens were pretty affordable, costing about $100 per dose. Unused doses need to be replaced every year. But still, a manageable expense for most.

In the last decade, though, the sole producer of the EpiPen has been raising prices over and over again. A single EpiPen is now about $600… and their only sold in two-packs. With higher-than-ever out-of-pocket expenses under Obamacare, more and more families are having to face that expense without any help from insurance.

Obamacare also makes it more difficult for new drug makers to enter the market, which means cost-controlling competition is nowhere in sight. The price of the EpiPen will likely continue to rise.

It’s a nightmare. And just another example of how the extra layers of bureaucracy under Obamacare are driving costs up. Not down.

It’s a situation that will play out over and over again with drugs, services, medical devices… you name it. If you have not yet taken steps to sidestep the Obamacare system, now is the time to start. Finding a good concierge doctor is a good first step.

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