NSA… Hacked!

0004182-462061253The agency in charge of national security… well, it’s not so secure.

A group of hackers calling itself the “Shadow Brokers” claims to have successfully broken through NSA digital security. They’re now offering the data they stole for sale at $570 million.

As proof, they’ve posted a set of unencrypted files containing what appear to be tools the NSA uses to do its own hacking.

The good stuff, the group says, is actually in a set of encrypted files, only viewable to whoever ponies up their ransom fee.

In their manifesto, the group writes, “We hack Equation Group. We find many many Equation Group cyber weapons.” Equation Group is who US intelligence works with when they need hacking done.

The quote strikes me as coming from someone who is not a native English speaker. This hack could be the Russians, the Chinese, or some group from the Middle East.

No matter where these hackers hail from, this is a clear reminder that our electronics and our online security are always at risk. Make sure you are extra cautious when sharing information online.

And as always, every step you take toward greater preparedness today can help you face the kinds of disasters cyber terrorists could create in the future.

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